• In October, 2002, Dr. Gregory Mulhollan founded the research, consulting and manufacturing concern Saxet Surface Science.

• While owner of Saxet Surface Science, Dr. Mulhollan has been the author and principal investigator on several government funded grants.

• Customers for consulting services have included major universities and multi-national semiconductor manufacturing firms, principally in the area of IR imaging.

• Manufactured products have been sold world-wide and include novelty lighting and physics-demonstration tubes.

• Our primary business goal is to perform our work to the highest possible standards. In this way, we can best satisfy our customers' needs. We are always ready to offer alternatives when better solutions are available. 

Core Competencies
Here are Saxet Surface Science, we are experts in the areas of

While we are scientists, we also pride ourselves on our technical acumen, practicality and ability to effectively manufacture needed instrumentation.

As professional scientists, we also keenly feel that we should return our knowledge to the community, so we are also available for instruction, either in large or small groups. Specific topics that have interested us may also be found in the technical notes section of our site.

We welcome all correspondence and are willing to discuss any needs you may have.

Success Stories
In early 2007, the company Brite-Bottles Inc. was spun out of Saxet Surface Science. The novelty lighting and demonstration tube arm of the company was made independent to allow non-overlapping focus on the research and manufacturing arenas.