Saxet Surface Science
Here at Saxet Surface Science,
we are experts in the areas of:

- Experimental design
- Surface physics
- Instrumentation design and building
- Photocathodes
- High field emission systems
- Electron tube-based devices and
- Vacuum pumps and hardware.


Photocathode research at Saxet:
We like to think that Saxet Surface Science has one of the most vigorous research programs in the field of photocathodes since RCA's heyday...

Surface Science

Auger Surface Science
Surface science at Saxet:
Surface science is the study of physical and chemical phenomena that occur at the interface of a material. Saxet continues this study through multiple innovative research projects...

Vacuum science

Vacuum Science and Hardware
Vacuum science and technology
As a surface science company, Saxet has extensive experience with vacuum hardware and technology. Multiple custom vacuum chambers comprise our test bed for innovation.
Free resources for the public:
As professional scientists, we also keenly feel that we should return our knowledge to the community, so we are also available for instruction, either in large or small groups.
In addition, we have made available scientific resources which may benefit researchers. This includes contacts, LabVIEW executables, and other hard to find information: